So you want to be an Aircraft Mechanic

Let paint a picture, You are about to graduate High school, and for what ever reason you have decide to pursue a career in aviation. Maybe you have a career councilor or a mentor that has pushed you to this field or maybe you just have always had a burning desire to be around aircraft. If this sounds like you than you might be cut out to be an aircraft mechanic.

In posts to follow I am going to cover some of the options that are available to get your mechanics certificate but for now lets talk about what being an aircraft mechanic requires.

In the United States aviation is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, this body controls all parts of the aviation sector but what we are concerned with today are the regulations that cover mechanics and these can be found in the Federal Aviation Regulations or FAR’s for short.

To find the FAR’s you must go to the FAA regulatory and guidance library which can be found by clicking on the ink above this allows you to search all of the FAR’s. The ones that we will be looking for are going to be Part 65 the certification of airmen other than mechanics and then sub part D for mechanics The section says this about the requirements to become a mechanic:

Sec. 65.71

Eligibility requirements: General.

(a) To be eligible for a mechanic certificate and associated ratings, a person must —
(1) Be at least 18 years of age;
(2) Be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language, or in the case of an applicant who does not meet this requirement and who is employed outside of the United States by a U.S. air carrier, have his certificate endorsed “Valid only outside the United States”;
(3) Have passed all of the prescribed tests within a period of 24 months; and
(4) Comply with the sections of this subpart that apply to the rating he seeks.
(b) A certificated mechanic who applies for an additional rating must meet the requirements of §65.77 and, within a period of 24 months, pass the tests prescribed by §§65.75 and 65.79 for the additional rating sought.

Those are all that is required to be certificated as an aircraft mechanic. In further posts I will dive into the education and testing that is required but for now you can see that there is really no barrier to you following your dream of working on aircraft.